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Analysis of Marketing Mix Strategies for Wal-Mart Company

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Performance Evaluation of Portfolio Managers of Mutual and Hedge Funds

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Continuity and Change in USA 1950’s to Present


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AI Essay Writer by SamWell is a free essay generator that helps you write all types of academic essays in seconds without any plagiarism issues.

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Samwell AI champions academic integrity, offering suggestions that inspire true creativity within academic standards. Our tool simplifies information access and writing with AI, while keeping the focus on learning - the heart of our mission.

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Samwell is the app I would have DREAM of when I was in high school, bachelor, master and PhD. So fast and intuitive. We can learn about 10 topics in a day now.

John Ducan
John Ducan@johnducan03 Jan

In a world where writing doesn't mean much anymore, Samwell AI offers academics and students what really matters today: quick access to information, references, overview. Introducing it to my students right away.

Ruth@ruthelkrief23 Jul

I considered ChatGPT to be a helpful writing assistant. However, upon discovering Samwell AI, I was amazed. Its capabilities exceeded my expectations by tenfold.

Xavier McOwel
Xavier McOwel@xxmxowel11 Jun

What’s the point to write with AI, now that AI writes for you. Samwell AI is the smartest AI I’ve see, it helps to learn faster and have access to information in a second. No bullshit of you writing, this isn't the point anymore

Greg@litteraturecollectorMay 29

Samwell provide the best references on the market, the longer essay too (up to 50 pages). Everything in a second and (finally) design friendly. Big up!

Tommy@tomm_bradler04 Feb

A big thank you to Samwell Ai for genuinely saving my life. 🙏❤️

Raoul Flomor
Raoul Flomor@froulxie18 Jul

Samwell AI is truly astounding as it generates the entire first draft of your master's thesis or any research paper instantaneously. Furthermore, it provides various options for references and in-text citations, along with a guided tour of the paper. It's absolutely mind-blowing!

DrBleyd@drbleydacademic12 Jan

Samwell, the AI-driven helper for academic research, has recently improved and become perfect.

Francesco@francescodeltorMay 29

Samwell AI is a dream, it guide you through the research paper, you have access to the best accurate sources, it recommend Youtube videos to highlight some important topic. It’s huge!! Congrats!


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How does ensure plagiarism-free content? is an advanced AI-driven tool designed to assist students and academics in effortlessly writing essays and reports. With our advanced plagiarism checks, we ensure your writing is original and free of unintentional plagiarism, making your writing process smoother and more efficient.
Can I provide specific instructions or sources for my essay?
Absolutely! Our 'Add Instructions' feature allows you to guide Samwell in crafting responses to comprehensive essay questions. If you need particular documents, journals, or texts incorporated into the essay’s narrative, you can specify that. For instance, if your essay revolves around a specific paragraph from Einstein’s paper, we recommend pasting that paragraph in the instructions. The more specific you are with your instructions, the better. It can range from detailed prompts to entire sources you wish to use in your essay. We highly advise using this feature as it often results in a more tailored and superior essay.
How does handle in-text citations?
Our technology uses the MLA format for in-text citations. We utilize a vast database of publicly available sources to accurately cite information in the MLA format. The unique capability of our system ensures that quotes are seamlessly integrated into the text.
Do you offer any multimedia integrations, like video suggestions?
Yes! includes a feature that selects relevant YouTube videos to complement points within the essay. This feature, part of our 'Visual Aid' tool, selects relevant YouTube videos to complement key points in your essay. We’re continually refining our process to enhance the quality of our video recommendations.
Is my data and information safe with
Absolutely! We prioritize user privacy and have stringent data protection measures in place. Employing state-of-the-art encryption and complying with international data protection standards, your essays and information are secure with us.
Can I use for non-academic writing?
While is tailored for academic writing, its features can be beneficial for a range of writing tasks, including reports, articles, and research summaries.
Is there a cost associated with using
Our free version supports essays up to 1000 words with core features. For longer essays and a guaranteed plagiarism-free experience, our premium subscription options are available.
How does the 'Guided Essays' feature work?
Guided Essays offer a structured outline highlighting the major points, helping you quickly grasp the direction and structure for your new essay.