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Updated: May 11, 2024

Samwell.aiIn a nutshell, Samwell writes research paper from A to Z, in a few seconds, with 100% accuracy in citation and 100% accurate sources, in partnership with Open University. It is also undetectable by AI detectors​
Jenni.aiJenni AI is a writing assistant, it is not writing your research paper from A to Z. As a user you get helped with AI and accurate references, but you will still spend a few hours to get your research done. vs at a glance

Compare and's features

Academic Writing Support

Smart and plagiarism-free essay crafting

Provides access to the best sources and recommends relevant videos

Undetectable by AI detectors

Cover letter generation

Infographic generation

User Experience

Audio and text AI summaries for complex images and infographics

Provides a guided tour of the paper to connect content with user knowledge

Overall Capabilities

Capable of generating essays, cover letters, and summaries

Integrates multimedia content to enhance writing experience

Offers visual aid tools like relevant YouTube video selection vs pricing

Free Trial (1000 words)

Number of pricing plan options


Paid plan prices range

$8 - $26$20

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