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How to Bypass AI Detection: 10 Proven Methods

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Updated: May 29, 2024

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AI detectors like Copyleaks and GPTZero have changed the way people use AI writers. Now, whenever someone wants to see if a piece of text was written by AI, they can simply run it through one of these tools. And that's a problem for people who want to use AI writers without being detected, like students, bloggers, businesspeople, and others.

So, what can you do about it? Well, it is possible to bypass AI detection. And there are several methods you can use to do so. In this guide, we'll dig into no less than ten methods you can use to get around AI checkers and create truly undetectable AI content.

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An Brief Introduction to How AI Detection Works

Before we look at how to get around AI detection, it's important to have a basic idea of what it is and how it all works.

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AI detectors are also powered by AI language models, which have been trained with a large volume of AI-generated and human-written text. This gives them the ability to spot the signs of AI writing, sentence patterns and word/phrase choices that many generative AI tools, like ChatGPT, tend to use.

And when you input a piece of text into an AI detector, it analyzes the whole content, and determines how likely the structures and phrases it uses are created by AI. And combine all the results, it will give you an overall possibility that if this text was generated by AI.

10 Ways to Bypass AI Detection

So now you know how AI detection works. But, how can you bypass it? Well, there are several ways to get around those pesky AI checkers, we'll outline ten methods that should help you get results, starting off with the best option of all: using an undetectable AI writer.

The Best Way to Bypass AI Detection: Use Undetectable AI

If you're looking for the No. 1 way to bypass AI detection, is what you need. Semihuman is an undetectable AI writer, capable of taking AI-written text and making clever changes to it in order to help that text bypass AI checkers without being flagged or marked as AI-written.

Try Semihuman here:

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Whether you want to get past Turnitin, GPTZero, ZeroGPT, Copyleaks, Winston AI, or some other AI detectors, Semihuman can help you do it. It makes use of advanced technology to humanize AI text and produce content that is truly undetectable.

Best of all, Semihuman doesn't distort the original meaning of the text you provide. It cleverly scans every bit of text fed into it, understanding the writer's intent and preserving their core message and meaning, all while making key changes to structure and word choice so that the text can pass AI detection.

What's more, even if you've never used an undetectable AI writer before, Semihuman is super simple to work with:

  • Type or paste your AI-generated text into the box provided.
  • Click the Humanize button and let Semihuman work its magic.
  • Wait and watch as Semihuman creates truly undetectable output text.

That's it. It's so simple, even a total beginner should have no trouble making use of Semihuman to get past AI detection. What's more, Semihuman is available for free use, so you can test it out and get your first pieces of text humanized without even having to spend any money at all. It's the ultimate way to bypass AI detection.

Below are three AI detection results conducted on the humanized text produced by Semihuman, demonstrating its effectiveness in bypassing AI detection.

Add Personal Touch

Another method you can use to bypass AI detection is to add a personal touch to your AI-generated content. Change the tone to one you use more often, add your personal experiences in the writing and give some personal examples to prove the points inside. This will help you get past the AI checkers.

Be Specific

AI-generated text tends to present general statements with no detailed explanations. So to make your text read less like AI-generated, try to be more specific. For example, add some data, detailed proof, or reference sources to back the statements. And even a quote from a famous figure will also help!

Use Uncommon Sentence Structures and Words

AI detectors look for commonly-used simple sentence patterns and words/phrases. If you can surprise them with unexpected word choices and mixing up the sentence structures, you may be able to squeeze your content past the checkers – this method can also take a lot of time.

Paraphrase and Simplify

Another way to avoid AI detection is through paraphrasing and simplifying your AI-written text. AI writers sometimes have a habit of overcomplicating things, using very long sentences and complex word choices. If you can break down some of the bigger paragraphs and switch out some of the longer words to simpler ones, you may find it easier to get past AI checkers.

Engage in Counterfactual Reasoning

Introduce scenarios that explore "what if" questions or alternate outcomes of historical events, scientific discoveries, or personal decisions. This kind of speculative reasoning or counterfactual thinking adds complexity and a personal viewpoint that AI is less likely to replicate convincingly.

Use Active Voice

Shift from passive constructs to active voice to inject dynamism and clarity into your writing. This stylistic choice enhances readability and engagement, veering away from the stilted tone characteristic of some AI outputs.

Apply Domain-Specific Jargon

While AI can certainly generate content with industry-specific terms, the nuanced and contextually savvy application of such jargon—as done by an expert in the field—can be challenging to replicate. This method requires a good understanding of the subject matter but can be particularly effective for professional or academic writing.

Add Expert Quotes

Incorporating quotes from experts or snippets from interviews within your content can introduce an element of authority and authenticity that's difficult for AI to mimic. Personal insights or anecdotal evidence from professionals in the field add depth and a personal touch, making the content more engaging and nuanced.

Intentional Errors (The Least Recommended Option)

AI writers don't tend to make mistakes. And AI detectors have been trained to spot content that is completely free of any spelling errors, typos, or punctuation problems. So, another method you can try to get past AI detection is to actually add in some intentional errors to your writing. However, this isn't very recommended, as it makes your content less readable and professional.

Why Would You Want to Avoid AI Detection?

There are quite a few benefits of successfully getting past AI detection.

Get Around False Positives: Sometimes, you could write an entire piece of text yourself, and it'll still be flagged as AI by certain detectors. This is known as a false positive, and it can cause issues for students and other users. Bypassing AI detection helps you avoid the risks of false positives.

Preserve Your SEO Rankings: Heavy reliance on AI tools The tech giant updated its algorithms and announced that companies who post too much AI content could lose out in the rankings due to Google's spam policies. But, by bypassing AI detection, you can preserve your SEO scores and avoid being detected and penalized by Google, too.

Produce High-Quality Content in Large Amounts: The beauty of AI writers is that it speeds up your content creation. But, if all that content gets flagged as AI, it can cause problems. Being able to bypass AI detection lets you write articles quickly and en masse, without any worries.

Avoid Penalties and Punishments: For some people, due to the restrictions of their professions, using AI writers can be risky. They could easily face problems if the content gets flagged. Being able to get past AI detection can help them avoid any of the penalties or punishments that come with it.

Never Worry About AI Detection Again with Semihuman AI

All in all, there are several proven ways to get past AI detection. But many of them involve lots of time-wasting manual changes and lots of unnecessary effort that you might not have time for. That's why, if you want to make truly undetectable AI content the easiest and most convenient way, there's really only one option: Semihuman.

Semihuman is the ideal undetectable AI writer to turn to when you need help getting past AI detection. Whether you want to avoid problems with your AI-written content, keep your SEO rankings high with AI-made blog posts, or create lots of quality AI content without the problems of AI detection, Semihuman can help you in every single situation.

Start Humanising For Free!Humanize Text
Effective AI Detection Bypass
Advanced SEO and Expert Paraphrasing
99% Success in Remaining Undetectable

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